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Welcome! You have found your way through the Cauldron to the Dark Side! Here we have a selection of darker gifts for the black sheep of the family, (or you, if you're the black sheep!) From keyrings to coffins (ok, the coffin is a money box!), you should find something here to suit even the darker tastes!

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Skull with Spider and Bullethole Keyring (SBKR)




Skull with Spider and Eyeball Keyring (SESKR)




Skull with Scorpion and Eyeball Keyring (SCEKR)




Welcome to Hell (NEM2546)

Approx 45cm Wide




Faerie on Skull T-Lite Holder (NEM2421)


Approx 19 cm tall.


Skull on Cross keyring (GKR015)



Skeleton Wizard with Purple Globe Keyring (GKR016)




Skeleton Wizard with Pink Globe Keyring (GKR014)




Rising skeleton with blue LED (AL50301)

Approx 17cm tall




Wild Writer Skull Pens

Choice of 3 colours. Email or message choice.




Pentagram T-lite holder with t-lites. (NEM2273)

Approx 26cm diameter




Pentagram with roses T-lite holder with t-lites. (NEM5185)

Approx 29.5cm diameter




Reaper Incense Holder - AL50054

30cm in length




Large Skull Egg Holder - U2462G6

20cm in length/height







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